antonio-ortiz-gacto-in-2005Antonio Ortiz Gacto (AOG) was born in Cordoba on December 3,1941 and died in Almeria on April 30, 2011. He is an influential artist from Andalucía, Spain. As architect he has shaped the Almerienses landscape with his characteristic buildings. His legacy includes almost 1000 paintings and drawings. Although he did some exhibitions in his earlier years, as an artist he lived a whole life in his studio surrounded by his creations. A master painter known to the art elite, but unknown to the public.

His unique architecture style connects the Almerienses landscape with the mountains, the sea and the sun. Embodying a mix of Southern European and Northern African culture. Characterized by rough white structures. The church of Aguadulce is illustrative for his style. This place of worship was built in 1982, but is still considered as a futuristic building and one of the most beautiful churches.

The artist’s studio

Antonio Ortiz Gacto is a story-teller. His paintings and drawings express the essence of life and visualizes the human face of society. A story teller expressing his passion with explosive colors or simple brush strokes, are true hyperbolic criticism of what surrounds him: life. The bottom of his creativity was a true example of freedom.

Antonio Ortiz Gacto was serious in all he did, but all he did was fun. Laughing loud with his strong body while blessed with soft gestures to give explanations. His geniality was not always understood by everyone. A master painter trying to master life. A real pater familias looking after his beloveds. In his artwork giving vulnerable people a human face. Wise reflections, vitality, imagination, bondless generosity. Artist eyes, blue like the Mediterranean, capturing and analyzing every little detail and shining as if reflecting the uninterrupted waves of creativity originating from his artist mind. Iconic.

Antonio Ortiz Gacto died too young. A story-teller in the middle of his story. His farewell mess was in his own church of Aguadulce. Blessed with his legacy he leaves us all the imagination to write our own next chapter. In his spirit.

In 2016 the AOG Foundation was established. Main goal of the foundation is to save his legacy for future generations and disclose his artwork to the Almerienses people and the rest of the world.


“His stories painted with explosive colors or simple brush strokes are true hyperbolic criticism of what surrounds him: life.”
“The privilege of being object of his brush strokes, of his passion for painting, his explosive colors, his social irony, and being part of those authentic sociological essays.”